“Portrait of the Creative Artist” Study Program

The Creative Artist


The portrait of the creative artist is a study program for the development and accompaniment of creative processes intended for artists who wish to formulate a living work and deepen the study of their performative abilities.

The program, which is aimed at creators and artists from various fields, enables a layered study of stage art, theater, dance and performance in an encounter with diverse ways of working and creative practices.

The participants of the program will go through experiences to perfect instruments from a concept with a tradition of psycho-physical theater, with the formation of personal works at the heart of the program.

The curriculum

The program is annual and consists of three semesters:

First semester // consists mostly of lessons and master classes, in which we will get to know and experience an in-depth study of physical-creative work methods.

Second semester // Combining the core (regular) classes with personal work time accompanied by one of the program instructors.

Third semester // Most of the time will be devoted to formulating the works. We will observe the creation processes, pay attention to its stages and give our opinion following the works that are woven.

During the second and third semesters, there will be viewing days in which the participants will present their embroidered works.

At the same time as the regular meetings, artist workshops led by active creators and artists who correspond with the creative spirit of the Acre Theater will be integrated into the program.

At the end of the year, there will be an evening of works that will reveal the works of the program participants to the public for the first time. A file will be selected from the works which will be presented as part of the Acre Festival to another theater in Sukkot.

As part of the portrait, the participants of the program receive the status of a ‘guest artist’ (residency) under the wings of the ‘Acre Theater Center’. The participants will have workspaces available throughout the week for rehearsals and will be entitled to the center’s comprehensive production conditions. In addition, we will be invited to participate in all the extensive activities of the theater.

Program details

The guiding team directs the participating artists to create an original work in which the performing creator is the heart of the work. According to the work language of the Acre Theater Center, the materials of life, personal and collective, are used to formulate works that correspond with the place in a social, political and universal context, with an emphasis on intercultural dialogue as reflecting and creating reality.

Facilitators: Samdar Yaron, Osnat Shank-Yosef, Ran Ben Dror, Khaled Abu-Ali, Muni Yosef and other artists.

In addition to the regular study days, personal rehearsals are possible throughout the week.

The study period is scheduled to begin in February 2024

How do you register?

To register, you must send a CV, video clips of previous works (if any) and any other relevant information, and add a few words about the connection to the creative world and/or expectations from the study program.

Address for sending materials: acco.tc@gmail.com – please indicate in the title “Portrait of the creative artist”

Those who are suitable will be invited to an introductory day during which there will be a meeting, which will include three short workshops and personal conversations, where you can get a taste of our ‘working day’ and we can get to know you.

At the same time as the regular meetings, artist workshops led by active creators and artists who correspond with the creative spirit of the Acre Theater will be integrated into the program.

Under the auspices of the ‘Acre Theater Center’ and the home of the activity of the ‘Portrait of the Creative Artist’ – in the ancient and spectacular complex in the old city of Acre – there is a bubbly and kicking work environment. The distance from the center and diving in allows for a quiet, deep and intense process.

The graduation event in the shadow of the Corona virus

Photograph: Avi Ninio

The graduation event

The graduation event